What Attracts One Soul To Another...

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"We are designed to feel the romantic connection, to fall in love, to be students of love, to stay in love, and to become love. Romance is a divine imprint."


If you think about it long enough, you will realize that we have been designed to feel the romantic connection.

Love emerges from the flow of happiness. To us, all genuine connections emerge from the connection we have with our own soul.

The other name for this soul connection is happiness. Can you remember the last time you laughed uncontrollably?

Seriously, take a moment to remember a time you laughed uncontrollably. It does not matter how far back you go.

If you remember, you will realize that in that moment nothing else mattered to you. You were transported into ecstasy.

Someone could say you were carried away. To where? You were carried no-where or Now-Here. You were immersed into the NOW.

If in that moment someone took your picture, looking at that picture today you will be witnessing in real time the face of God or Love.

If you think about it long enough, you will realize that it is the yearning for such a hypnotic blissful experience that brings souls together.

We are craving for the experience of boundless joy and happiness. We are craving for God in our human experience.

And this very thing we are craving for is our SELF, the true essence of who we are. YES, it feels like we want it from someone else.

But we all know the truth that this boundless energy of happiness, and connection with who we are is a spring of wellbeing within.

Us not knowing how to TURN it ON and let it flow unconditionally from within as a daily bliss is what makes us look for it outside.

You see, when we are boundlessly happy, we become a lucky charm for people who are connected to us. They are attracted to you.

In your presence they become aligned with their goods. Your truest charm is the joy you experience within because of your connection.

This connection is the connection to your SELF as peace, tranquility, serenity, joy, enthusiasm, bliss, and love.

If you think about it long enough, you will notice that falling in love with someone is falling in love with your SELF in a different body.

Souls are attracted to each other because they felt something within when they encountered each other.

Something got ignited. A spark appeared in the heart. What they don't know is that this spark has been there the whole time.

And because they needed to discover it, the universe which is the supreme intelligence in our body and in all things arranged the way.

We are connected to nature and nature is connected to us. And our evolution as species is linked to a purpose higher than pleasure.

We are here to experience our SELF as GOD or LOVE; and nature is aware of this. So, she helps the awakening of the process.

Souls are also aware at the subconscious level of their agenda. They know they are here to experience themselves more as God or love.

Call this experience Salvation, Enlightenment, or Awakening. The truth is it does not matter, Nature has your back.

Whether we are speaking of human nature or animals nature or nature as the manifestation of plants or minerals, it makes no difference.

We are connected in ONE BIG essence: NATURE, and our destiny is linked forever in this earnest yearning for happiness and love.

This is the yearning that pulls into your soul from your highest intuition the desire to be with someone.

And this desire a pure and divine in nature and all its aspect. Accept it! Cherish it! Don't ever be ashamed of it. It's part of your evolution.


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