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As a Speaker, ALAIN AND DANIELLE FOUNDATION does not pay you to speak. Our mission is to create a platform where speakers will have an opportunity to showcase their expertise by providing value to the communities we serve. 

We do not take any fee from items sold by speakers. We do not collect any fee from speakers for the opportunity to promote their services and products. All proceeds from sales made b
y the speaker are hundred percent the speaker's earnings. 

Though we invest in all the marketing and advertising resources and services to promote our events, speakers are free to promote our event to their network and on their business social media platforms.


We recommend that speakers hire their own photographer and videographer to guarantee the quality of the visual work these professionals will do. However, photos and videos taken by our team will be made available to our speakers. 

Speakers are allowed to bring their own advertisement resources as well as vendors' tables and physical items to sell during the event through their own legal sales portals or devices. Be aware that some event facilities may not allow vending of articles on their property. 

For international events, speakers are in charge of investing in their own business traveling and accommodations unless a separate agreement is made with ALAIN AND DANIELLE FOUNDATION. 

We are in charge of paying for the events venues nationally and internationally as well as for all the events' equipment rentals. However, we do welcome donations from our speakers.

If you agree to these terms and conditions, sign the form below. We will be happy to have you speak on our platform as a contribution to our mission to improve the world through personal development and spiritual events as well as philanthropic deeds. 




By filling out the form below, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions. 

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